Raw fed dogs may nevertheless have digestive difficulties and it stinks.

The evening of Saturday, September 27th was Rodrigo obtained his initial dose of OptaGest. I put the order on Amazon.com after doing a great deal of prep and over per month of nausea, gas, and loudly stomach gurgling.

In my study about dog nutrition, I always see that a dog's digestive track is associated with his immune system. I had been worried that when we did not solve Rodrigo's gas and diarrhea, he would get a whole slew of different problems...

  • Impacted anal glands (and potential rupture)
  • he would become malnourished, since his body is not absorbing enough nutrients
  • he would Begin losing weight

The way to prevent a dog's gas and diarrhea...

We have all be educated that when a dog has allergies we ought to provide them canned pumpkin, but when we stop the nausea we never figure out the underlying reason. Giving a dog canned pumpkin is not always the ideal solution. Read Pumpkin Is Not Always Healthy for Dogs.

Although we eliminated steak and poultry from Rodrigo's diet, his digestion was not improving. Initially, Rodrigo's nausea went and came, getting a regular occurrence as every week passed. Weeks of nausea and soft feces supposed his anal glands were not expressing (ohhhh, the odor ).

Introducing In Clover OptaGest Digestive Aid for Dogs (and Cats)…

Rodrigo had a more powerful probiotic than raw goats milk and that he could not consume green beef tripe* (beef intolerance). I asked for suggestions and began doing some assignments.

Update: Rodrigo may have beef tripe in restricted quantities. He attempted a few New Years weekend and had no problem.

I had been amazed with the OptaGest reviews on Amazon.com. Dog lovers were sharing that OptaGest...

  • Reduces a dog's gasoline
  • eliminates diarrhea
  • Reduces the grass grazing
  • Helps handle IBD
  • reduces poop eating

And for cats, OptaGest…

  • reduces hairballs

Each these developments appeared to occur right away to get some dog owners, but most common that it required a month. 30 days along with the poisonous gas could be eliminated and scooping allergies (that can be similar to trying to maintain water on your fist) is something of the past.

In 30 days, Rodrigo would feel much better.

Our Review Of In Clover OptaGest Digestive Aid for Dogs...

2 Weeks.

It took two weeks for us to begin seeing a huge difference. I did need to say Rodrigo's rectal glands and they were certainly full (it was dreadful ). This solved the odor, the gasoline and nausea required more to clean up.

2 Weeks.

He can not have a thing loaded; his diet was limited to duck and turkey.

  • No freeze dried or dried foods
  • No salmon, sweet potato, coconut treats (my specialty)
  • No bully sticks (beef) or duck feet

Apart from his meals, his sensitive stomach manages natural dog treats nicely.